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Database design and Performance Tuning - SQL Server and Azure

Every application needs a data store and it is the heart of the solution. Are you designing a new solution and need the database design done? Or not satisfied with the performance of an existing database? Try us.

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Database Design and Performance Tuning

When an application is developed, many focus on the application design without considering much on the database design. As a result of that, at the initial stage, no issues are noticed with the application but at the later stages, application suffers due to performance issues related to the database. The main reason is, not designing the database with best practices, or without considering design principals. It must be designed either aligning with the application design or before the application design is started.

When designing a database with Microsoft SQL Server or Azure SQL services, there are many things to be considered. First of all, database must be designed logically, applying standard practices such as normalization (or de-normalization as needed), aligning with business entities and processes identified. Then physical design must be done with best practices related to SQL Server or Azure. As part of that, standard, recommended practices such server set-up, indexing strategies, partitioning strategies, storage and many more must be considered. This is not a simple task, it must be carefuly and efficiently done.

Additionally, every database must be maintained. Not only poorly designed, long-running databases, even newly created databases must be revisited for determining the health and appropriate actions must be taken for keeping the database healthy and consistance.

Check below questions, you can understand how we support on database designs and database maintenance.

Our data engineers have been designing databases for more than 20 years. We are well familiar with both OLTP and OLAP designs, and not only that, we are familiar with both relational and non-relational (or you can call it as NoSQL) database designs.

There are many different types of services we offer on both SQL Server and Azure. Here are few:

  • Analyze business requirments and make the logical design
  • Design and implement a relational database
  • Design and implement partition strategies
  • Design and implement High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Design and implement Reporting solutions
  • Analyze performance issues and fix
  • Design and implement Master Data Services and Data Quality Services

Yes, we have three types of offerings for any service:

  • Full implementations: dinesQL is responsible for the entire project. You will outsource the project completely to dinesQL.
  • Resource sharing: dinesQL provides resources and you are responsible for the entire project.
  • Hand in hand: We allow your team to work with our team. At the end, your team is well aware of all implemented.

No, we never introduce ourself as a domain expert, such as banking, insurance or retail. We always provide the technical solution.


However, our business analysts are smart enough for understanding your domain and requirments. If not, if your domain is completely unknown to us, we will bring the required resources for understanding the business and implementing the solution with all you need.

We can certainly support on it. Note that some upgrades need changes such as data type changes, code changes or structure changes. Additionally some functionalities might have to be removed, new functions might have to be introduced. You must accept these when upgrading your older version.

Yes, we are familiar with both environments. Our engineers have been designing databases with SQL Server since SQL Server 7 was introduced. And we are familiar with Azure SQL database, Azure Elastic Pool, Azure Managed Instance and all the tiers available. Additionally, we have experience in HA and DR with both SQL Server and Azure.

Simple, let's have few discussions for understanding your requirments, plans, subscriptions and which dinesQL's plan work for you. Once it is finalized, let's find the resources required, time it needs and the cost. Then the last step, agree for terms and conditions, and initiate it.

Yes, this is something we have been doing for years. However, you must understand that this is not a one-day or two-day work. In some cases, it has taken more than six months for full optimization. The size of the workload and number of day and resources need can be only determined by analyzing the current environment, design, queires, and many more.


Remember, some cases need changes even at the infrastructure level. Not only that, the way application communicates, extracts and updates data might need to change. Therefore, company must accept these for full optimization.

Yes, once the solutions is built and up and running, we can give our services for administering and maintaining it. However, if it is a solution that has been done by a different party, need to analyze first and then decide.

Write to us, go to Contact Us page and initiate the first conversation.