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Data Warehousing with Microsoft SQL Server

Even though everyone goes for cloud for data warehousing and big data, it is not uncommon to see on-premise implementations. Planning for a SQL Server based data warehouse and big data solution? Contact us.

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What do we see with SQL Server data warehouse and big data solutions?

Microsoft SQL Server offers many different types of components for implementing a data warehouse and big data solution. The product suit comes with the database engine, Integration Services (SSIS) for implementing ETL solutions, Reporting Services (SSRS) for implementing reporting solutions and Analysis Services (SSAS) for implementing models. Additionally, SSRS can be configured with Microsoft Power BI for satisfying modern reporting.

On-premise data warehouse is always designed with SQL Server database engine. Once it is designed, it can be used for reporting, however, it can be extended by adding a model using Analysis Services. Data extractions from sources, transformations and loading to the data warehouse are done using Integration Services. Additionally, SQL Server Big Data Cluster (BDC) can be used for implementing Spark-based, clusterd based big data solution.

We have been designing on-premise SQL Server for years now. If you have a requirment, let's have a discussion and see, you will not be dissappointed.

Check below questions, you can understand what we can do for you and how you can work with us, not just for implementing the solution, implement and make sure it is used by everyone in the organization and most importantly, it is useful for everyone.

There few main components that can be seen with almost all solutions:

  • Database engine for relational data warehouse
  • Integration Services for ETLs
  • Reporting Services (+ Power BI) for reporting
Optionally, these will be used.
  • Analysis Services for models
  • Master Data Management Services for master data
  • Data Quality Services for KB products
If heavy data processing, specifially with semi-structured and unstructured data with big data characteristics:
  • Linux-based Big Data Cluster

We provide services on end-to-end data warehousing and big data solutions. Here are few:

  • Analyze business requirments aligning with Kimball's concept
  • Design the architecture
  • Design and implement a relational data warehouse
  • Design and implement an ETL solution
  • Design and implement a reporting solution with SSRS and Power BI
  • Design and implement a big data cluster
  • Design and implement Master Data Services and Data Quality Services

Yes, we have three types of offerings for any service:

  • Full implementations: dinesQL is responsible for the entire project. You will outsource the project completely to dinesQL.
  • Resource sharing: dinesQL provides resources and you are responsible for the entire project.
  • Hand in hand: We allow your team to work with our team. At the end, your team is well aware of all implemented.

No, we never introduce ourself as a domain expert, such as banking, insurance or retail. We always provide the technical solution.


However, our business analysts are smart enough for understanding your domain and requirments. If not, if your domain is completely unknown to us, we will bring the required resources for understanding the business and implementing the solution with all you need.

Yes, we can, it is Linux-based implementation and, since we are well experienced with Spark-based data solutions, we can design a solution for you and implement it.

Yes, our data engineers have designing solutions with SQL Server for 20+ years. We have used almost all components for implementing various types of data solutions, hence we can surely design your solution and implement it.

Simple, let's have few discussions for understanding your requirments, plans, subscriptions and which dinesQL's plan work for you. Once it is finalized, let's find the resources required, time it needs and the cost. Then the last step, agree for terms and conditions, and initiate it.

Tough question, Yes and No. Why? Assume that you need to add something on top of the existing DW but the DW is not designed appropriately.


We cannot prmomise immediately, let us analyze first and then we will see whether it is doable, or most importantly, it is advisable.

Yes, once the solutions is built and up and running, we can give our services for administering and maintaining it. However, if it is a solution that has been done by a different party, need to analyze first and then decide.

Write to us, go to Contact Us page and initiate the first conversation.