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Simply think of us as your best friend in all Microsoft SQL Server related database matters. We would love to help with your simple solutions: from making a table for holding an entity to your complex solutions: running a complex algorithm on a dataset using Big Data technologies and bringing insight to your large data warehouse for further analysis.

Having well-experienced, highly skilled members in our team, we guarantee the best result, satisfying you, your company and your customers.


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It can be a quick fix, long-term engagement or a partnership, we make sure that it is done with bells and whistles. Do not worry, we never accept something we cannot do or we do not have expertise. We are honest, we do not come with false promises. Shouldn’t that be enough to contact us?

Reach us via info@dinesql.com or call us on +94 (0) 777 395 871

dinesQL brings you expertise on Microsoft SQL Server implementations,
covering wide range of services related to data management