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Mastering Data Warehousing with Microsoft Fabric

We have been implementing analytical solutions for years and the presentation layer of almost all modern solutions is designed with Microsoft Power BI. We have worked with both On-Premise and Cloud, and we can simply build a solution based on your requirments.

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How Microsoft Power BI helps you to build an analytical solution?

One of the challenges we had with traditional data warehousing and business intelligence solutions is the IT dependancy. We never see an end with requirements, hence continious change is a must, which is very costly and resource-consumed. The Self-Service BI was introduced for addressing this by empowering business users with the right tool, allowing them to create their own analytical solution. This is where we see Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI is not just a visual presentation layer. It is not only for creating reports and dashboards. It now plays a major role in data warehousing and big data solutions addressing many data engineering workloads.

Check below tips, you can understand what we can do for you with Power BI and how you can work with us, not just for implementing the solution, implement and make sure it is used by everyone in the organization and most importantly, it is useful for everyone.

There are many ways of using Microsoft Power BI. You can just use it for creating production or formal reports, or analytical reports and dashboard, connecting with an existing database. Or you can plan for a complete analytical solution by extracting data from multiple sources, transforming them as you need, maintaining multiple data stores and satisfing reporting and analytical requirement coming from both Basic users and Power users.

We offer multiple services on Power BI. Here are few:

  • Analyze the business requirments and recommend a solution
  • Design and implement reports and dashboards with an existing live models
  • Design and implement reports and dashboards with an existing databases
  • Design and implement models, reports and dashboards with multiple sources
  • Design and implement applications, integrating with Power BI

Yes, we have three types of offerings for any service:

  • Full implementations: dinesQL is responsible for the entire project. You will outsource the project completely to dinesQL.
  • Resource sharing: dinesQL provides resources and you are responsible for the entire project.
  • Hand in hand: We allow your team to work with our team. At the end, your team is well aware of all implemented.

Yes, we have done this many time. We are well familiar with Free, Pro, Premium and Premium per User linceses and what they offer you.Additionally, we can recommend which capacity planning you must select.

No, we never introduce ourself as a domain expert, such as banking, insurance or retail. We always provide the technical solution. However, our business analysts are smart enough for understanding your domain and requirments. If not, if your domain is completely unknown to us, we will bring the required resources for understanding the business and implementing the solution with all you need.

Yes, we can surely train your business users on Self-Service BI. We have well experienced trainers who have done more than 100 Power BI training all around the world and they can cover all the area related to Power BI.

Yes, we are well experienced with Power BI. We have done implementations using Power BI service (Cloud) as well as On-Premise service (SSRS). We are well familiar with the flow, whether it is a simple solutions with set of reports and dashboards or a large implementation with multiple datasets, reports and dashboards with all Enterprise features, we can design it for you.

Simple, let's have few discussions for understanding your requirments, plans, subscriptions and which dinesQL's plan work for you. Once it is finalized, let's find the resources required, time it needs and the cost. Then the last step, agree for terms and conditions, and initiate it.

We can certainly help you to determine which platform is much suitable for you. Although cloud is the best and rich with offerings, on-premise solution would be the right one for you. Let us analyze your requirment, existing setup and future plan, then we will recommend the most appropriate solution.

We are well familiar with procedures. We know the ways of integrating Power BI reports and dashboard with an application and open them for users with Power BI specific authentication and authorization or custom-made authentication and authorization.

There are some solutions that can be migrated to Power BI, either naturally or performing some operations. However, some cannot be done, you must design the solution from the scratch. Let's analyze first and then see whether it is possible or not.

Write to us, go to Contact Us page and initiate the first conversation.